Qasim International Container Terminal aims to provide high standard of services and facilities to all the terminal users and is supported by a dynamic team, state of the art equipment and a passion to excel. QICT is a promise of efficiency and our unyielding commitment to our customers all around the world.

QICT is the country's premier port and logistics investor and operator. We are committed to deliver to our customers the world's best practice in services related to port operations and logistics for containers cargoes.

We give highest priority to the welfare, development, training, health and safety of all our employees. Their well-being, together with our investment in facilities and equipment, ensures our customers that they will always receive the best and most efficient service from us.

We use our expertise and resources to engage in other domestic and international undertakings in synergy with our existing business. We optimize the use of all our resources to provide our shareholders with maximum returns on their investment.

No Karachi Dock Labor Levy : QICT is the only terminal in Pakistan which employs its own private labor which in turn is a huge saving for the shipping lines as they do not incur any DOCK LABOR LEVIES.

Ideal Location : The terminal is located 43 kms away from the congested city of Karachi resulting in a faster turnaround of the import and export cargoes and we have a separate truck holding area where in all import and export trucks are queued and all necessary documentation completed prior to entry into the terminal to expedite quick truck turnaround.

Hassle free documentation : With the introduction of WeBOC the whole clearance process has been Integrated into one process which is virtually paper free. This has resulted in quicker truck turnaround , an absolute one window operation and view speedy clearance of import boxes more space has been creatged in the terminal. All the inquiries are addressed through the SMS based system introduced by QICT.

Theft / Pilferage free Operation : QICT has CCTV coverage and security guards manning the facility 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year to ensure a total pilferage free operation to its customers.

Off Dock Container Terminal in Karachi : QICT also operates an off dock facility in the city called NLC Container Terminal situated at Mai Kolachi. The total area is approx.10 acres and has a capacity to handle 4,500 teus per month. The facility came into operation on 25th May 2005. We are the only terminal in Pakistan to offer the facility to the importers to transport their units to Karachi at our Off Dock container Terminal for clearance of their cargoes from Karachi. Therefore the consignees and shippers have a unique choice that they may clear or deliver their cargoes at either QICT or NLCCT. Moreover, customers can now even collect their pick-up ticket for import deliveries, directly from NLCCT, thereby saving time and effort in coming all the way to QICT.

Railway Sidings inside the Terminal : At QICT we have 6 railway sidings inside the terminal which is very advantageous to the shippers and consignees who have their factories / warehouses in upcountry locations as they are ensured a speedy loading and discharging to from railway wagons.

Scanner : A 6 Mev Scanner has been installed within the terminal to facilitate customs examination.


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