Safety Rules

   1. Attendance of safety induction is mandatory.
   2. Use PPE relevant to job.
   3. Smoking is prohibited except in designated smoking area.
   4. Adherence to DP World Fatal 7 rules to live by.
   5. Follow safety and traffic signage.
   6. Implement good house keeping practices.
   7. Ensure work area is well lit.
   8. Use right tool for the right job.
   9. Reverse of loaded trailer without guidance is prohibited.
  10. Observe speed limit 20 km / hr.

DP World Karachi (QICT), a leader in port terminal operations, logistics and related services in Pakistan is committed to provide a safe workplace and ensure that our business activities are conducted in a manner that minimizes any adverse environmental impact.

Our Safety & Environment Policy has been established on the basis that concerns for the safety of our employees and guardianship of the environment are essential to the successful conduct and future growth of our business and are in the best interest of the organization's stakeholders.

As our company continues to grow we also aim to continuously improve Safety Standards in our business.

All people at DP WORLD Karachi (QICT) are totally committed to preventing injuries and ensuring the safety of others around them.

Additional and special emphasis is given to controlling those hazards that represent the greatest potential for fatal injury known as the Fatal (Seven).

1.    Pedestrian Safety

2.    Mobile Equipment

3.    Working at Heights

4.    Handlings Loads

5.    Vessel Safety

6.   Engineering

7.   Isolation

Our aim is to ensure that staff have the compentencies to carry out a given task in a safe,efficent and productive manner.